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Our top 5 best products for dry skin

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Dry skin can be a hassle especially in winter when the weather affects it on your face and body. As it gets cold and dry, dry skin can itch and pull, leaving you uncomfortable and flaky. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
It’s true that it takes a bit of extra love, but dry skin can be managed and it can be restored to look supple and radiant. And believe us beauties, there are so many for you to choose from, you just have to commit and be diligent with your beauty routine. Ready to look at some of the best products out there specifically formulated for dry skin? Here we go.

1.Eucerin AQUAporin

Clinically and dermatologically proven to be compatible with sensitive skin, this intensive hydration face cream is also free from fragrance and parabens. With a unique formula that provides intense 24 hour hydration, the Eucerin AQUAporin Active range enhances skin’s own hydration system and helps restore the hydration barrier.
The result is a smooth and hydrated skin that looks and feels its best.

2.Soskin Restorative

With hyaluronic acid, polysaccharides and wheat germ, this super hydrating face cream visibly restores and replenishes dry sensitive skin to quickly soothe sensations of heat and tightness.
The rich melting texture makes it a pleasure to apply every day, giving back to your skin the flexibility and radiance you most desire.

3.Ducray Ictyane

A 2 in 1 cream for face and body? Why not!
This cream provides intense 48 hour hydration for dry to very dry skins. Applied anytime morning or night, it’s proven to protect the skin from external aggressions associated with extreme cold or excessive heat. Use it for yourself and for kids as well.

4.Avène Hydrance

As sensitive skin has a tendency to get very dry, this amazing cream provides 24-hour hydration with an added sun protection SPF 30.
With Avène spring thermal water and shea butter, Hydrance is mostly effective thanks to its unique ingredient specifically designed for dry to very dry sensitive skin: Cohederm. This innovative, patented, active ingredient helps restore natural hydration levels in the skin, offering longer-lasting results than hyaluronic acid.

5.Aderma Exomega

This 2 in 1 mild cleanser for skin and hair is made with natural ingredients and is based on the oat extract that is characteristic of Exomega.
This formula brings the innovation of controlling micro-inflammation and itching, which are key in atopic skin (dry and itchy skin). The emollient formula doesn’t dry the skin and leaves it feeling smooth and soothed. So lather, rinse and repeat as much as you want.

Your skin will thank you for taking care of it! Let it shine bright like a diamond.

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